Event: Communications for Strengthening Relationships

hammer-895665_640Moreau Community Center
Feb. 12, 2016

Join us as BJ shares the tips and strategies that have worked for her as the result of very difficult experiences maintaining positive, healthy relationships with her own adult children. This session will provide concrete tips that you and your family can apply to have effective communications that will help you to build unshakeable relationships with your family as well.


February 12th, 2016, 6:30pm


Moreau Community Center
144 Main St.
Moreau, NY

Event: Communication for Unshakeable Relationships

globe-489519_640Saratoga Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Group
Feb. 9, 2016

Even the best communicators can benefit from improving their communications skills. Before BJ Rosenfeld discovered the secret to staying connected, she almost lost all connection with her adult son.  Through trial and error, she found the strategies that worked and then made a commitment to share her story with people worldwide. Through a focus and commitment to two way listening, compromise, and judgment free support, BJ will lead a discussion in how we can find ways to better connect in our personal and professional relationships.

Where:  Saratoga Chamber Women in Business Group

When:  Tuesday, Feb 9, 2016

For more information or to register, please view the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce event page: http://tourism.saratoga.org/events/details/women-in-business-group-14279