Meet BJ Rosenfeld, Family Relationship Expert

As an international best-selling author and internationally recognized speaker and coach, she helps parents relieve stress and get the enviable relationship they want with their adult children.

BJ  spoke with‘s Elaine Houston about her own journey and what inspired her to begin her business.

BJ’s decision to help parents develop unshakable relationships with their adult children came as the result of a very difficult experience in her own family.  Before she discovered the secret to staying connected, she almost lost all connection with her adult son.  Through trial and error, she found the strategies that worked and then made a commitment to share her tips with parents worldwide.  It all begins with three critical questions.

From her early career as a teacher of French, Spanish, and reading BJ has spent her life fostering the communication skills sorely needed in interpersonal relationships.

BJ has proven over and over that it is possible for parents to get the relationship they want with their adult children.

When children choose a different way of life than their parents, families have to work to stay together.  How far should a mother go to save the love of her children?

lalida2One of the things I find difficult is being able to detach from my adult children. When they are younger, it is easy to take care of them and comfort them. When they get older, you feel you want to do the same thing. The process of being able to let them experience all of the things that they must in life is diffficult. I am continually working on keeping myself happy rather than getting soaked up in their issues. This is something BJ has helped me to work on.

Lalida Nakona

BJ’s memoir The Chameleon in the Closet is a humorous yet touching tribute to all parents who support their children’s life-changing choices.

In the chapter she wrote for the international bestseller The Expert Success Solution, BJ shares three critical questions that form the basis of her strategies and gives practical suggestions for parenting adult children.

kathy_roundedcornersBJ’s message is very strong about the power of family to overcome. She has opened up a dialog and that’s been the best part.

Cathy Smith

In her CD series 5 Secrets to an Enviable Relationship with Your Adult Children, BJ goes into even greater detail to help parents relieve stress and enjoy unshakable family relationships.

BJ’s passion and purpose lie in helping parents do whatever it takes to get their adult kids to love and include them no matter what because life is too short to lose the connection.

cathyobrien2I really appreciate BJ’s story. It’s the story of bringing harmony to a family, and I think I’d do anything to keep peace in the family, too.

Cathy O’Brien

BJ’s expertise is crucial to the workplace and is particularly beneficial for family-owned businesses.  According to the World Health Organization, stress is the “health epidemic of the 21st century.”  Problems at home compound employee stress. There is a strong connection between stress at home and declining performance in the workplace.  Putting BJ’s strategies into practice will greatly improve workplace performance.

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